Adele is coming to Boston!

Adele is coming to Boston and we are freaking excited. First off, we love Adele. She has a the vocals of the goddess and can’t wait to see her perform. Boston is also super close to where we are in Canada and we can’t believe that we actually got tickets to her sold out show for free!

excitedWe were in Boston during one of our summer tours and hired a local piano moving company to help us move our piano. Piano Movers of Boston definitely delivered our piano in awesome condition and also help set it up at Quincy Center where we did a live performance! Anyways, they were having a promotion where whenever a someone books a piano move with them over the summer, we would automatically be entered to win tickets! To our surprise, we got a nice email saying that we WON! We are really really excited and can’t believe a local piano moving company would provide free tickets to a sold out ticket! I highly recommend these guys to you if you’re looking to move your piano. They have incredible pricing and I believe they give away tickets quite regularly. 🙂 Also I believe they serve all of the MA area.

Piano Movers of Boston
67 Kemble St Ste 5
Boston, MA 02119


Also, there were some rumor going around that Adele is having a free concert somewhere in the city but I think it’s a hoax. I’ve seen a few buzz in the twitter sphere from the Boston Police that there will not be a show there.
SCAM ALERT: We want to avoid any public safety issues. Adele is NOT showing up at Quincy T. FALSE RUMOR. Thank you. #MBTA — MBTA Transit Police (@MBTATransitPD) September 13, 2016

Although, it would be amazing if there was. I would be like…

Anyways, you can read more all about it here so seriously though, don’t show up!