Steeltown Friends of Mohawk Music

Under the auspices of the Hamilton Music Collective, the Steeltown Friends Of Mohawk Music is a non-profit, volunteer fund-raising group, comprised of private citizens, employees of Mohawk College Of Applied Arts and Technology and Mohawk College music students, whose main purpose is to raise funds to aid, abet and enhance the music programme at the college, while at the same time enjoying the camaraderie and love of music one to the other.

During the hazy days of the summer of 2000, a number of concerned and interested private citizens banded together with the Mohawk music faculty and formed an ad- hoc volunteer group to try and raise money to assist the music department, which at the time was dealing with some severe budget restraints.

It was decided that a live jazz concert was the most obvious means of raising money. Under the banner “The Steeltown Friends of Mohawk Jazz,” Hillfield-Strathallan’s Artsplex Theatre was booked, faculty member Dave McMurdo put together a solid big-band and invited esteemed Toronto based flugelhorn player Guido Basso to appear as the featured artist.

Since that time there have been twelve additional fund-raising concerts, four black-tie gentlemen’s dinners, three themed dinners at Ancaster’s Rousseau House and three special concerts following “artist-in-residence” sessions. The committee has managed to raise well over $600,000 since its inception and has provided a large number of full tuition scholarships, funded all the master classes , purchased a grand piano, sponsored students to attend special music events and underwritten a number of miscellaneous endeavours.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of the many sponsors who have donated to the cause, plus the large number of music loving citizens who have purchased tickets to our concerts.

In late 2009, in an effort to create something for perpetuity, it was decided to convert the existing Bickert and Nimmons annual SFMM scholarships into full endowments to go along with the already existing Rolston endowment. With the generous assistance of government sponsored funding matching schemes, the total funds sitting in endowments has increased from an initial $12,000 to $200,000. New scholarship level donations now have the option of remaining in annual scholarship form or being contributed to this new endowment funding.

While the SFMM’s main goal is to offer as much support as possible to the Mohawk music program, we also pride ourselves on the fact that we have managed to serve the needs of the music appreciating public by featuring a long list of outstanding national and international stars such as the aforementioned Guido Basso, Phil Nimmons, Ranee Lee, the late Rob McConnell, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone, Bill Charlap, Renee Rosnes, the late Bob Brookmeyer, Tom Scott and Larry Carlton.

The Steeltowners continue to work closely with the college on a number of initiatives and it is indeed our sincere pleasure to offer our support to this excellent and valuable course of study.

Top 3 Music Festival in Denver for 2017

We are traveling to Denver this summer and we wanted to share with you all some of the best damn musical festivals that are coming up!

Best New Festival in Denver, CO

WAVE: Light + Water + Sound, Breckenridge

BreckCreate aims a little higher than the usual mountain-town arts organization, taking simple “festivals” to new levels. Seriously, it is out of this world! WAVE, an early-season spectacle inspired by Scottsdale’s Canal Convergence that debuted in Breckenridge last summer, spread interactive artworks and music throughout the town, inviting tourists and townies alike to experience a big-city art experience at a higher elevation. Best part is that WAVE will return this year on June 1, bringing another round of exciting water projections and adventures in light and sound to Breckenridge as it gears back up for the summer season. You seriously DO NOT want to miss out on this awesome festival. If you’re looking fot another great alternative check out Punching Mule Music Festival.

Denver’s Best EDM Festival is Cloak and Dagger

Brennen Bryarly has built a bit of an electronic-dance music empire over the past several years. Bryarly releases house music as Option4 and has organized shows locally and nationally that offer an array of dance-oriented artists. Since 2014, he’s put his wide net of contacts and great musical taste to use at Cloak & Dagger every single year. This the EDM festival to go especially at City Hall and Vinyl, which brings together commercial and underground acts. Bryarly invites both local and national performers to have one hell of an EDM party! Nowhere in Denver is the EDM scene more diverse, or more alive, than at this festival.

Best Kept Secret Music Festival in Denver

Rocky Mountain Low
Heavy Dose Records head Brian Castillo and Reed Bruemmer of the band Poison Rites came up in Denver’s underground music scene, regularly catching shows at local dive bars and DIY venues. Eventually they joined forces to re-create that small-venue neighborhood vibe at a musical festival they’d both want to attend. Scheduled in the summer across four days at venues between Larimer Lounge and Meadowlark Bar, Rocky Mountain Low brings together legendary punk bands like DRI with exciting underground bands including Protomartyr, Echo Beds and Hide. Seriously, if you really want to see some awesome underground music, you have to check this festival out.


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Adele is coming to Boston!

Adele is coming to Boston and we are freaking excited. First off, we love Adele. She has a the vocals of the goddess and can’t wait to see her perform. Boston is also super close to where we are in Canada and we can’t believe that we actually got tickets to her sold out show for free!

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Also, there were some rumor going around that Adele is having a free concert somewhere in the city but I think it’s a hoax. I’ve seen a few buzz in the twitter sphere from the Boston Police that there will not be a show there.
SCAM ALERT: We want to avoid any public safety issues. Adele is NOT showing up at Quincy T. FALSE RUMOR. Thank you. #MBTA — MBTA Transit Police (@MBTATransitPD) September 13, 2016

Although, it would be amazing if there was. I would be like…

Anyways, you can read more all about it here so seriously though, don’t show up!

Why Every Pianist Should Move to NYC

You will be able to find fun, affordable and totally free things to do in nyc. New York isn’t a cheap city to livein. New York City is among the absolute most fun cities on the planet during the holidays. It is, without a sliver of doubt, the greatest city in the world for a pianist. For starters, it has the best music school in the world, Julliard. This is probably why so many great pianists are in nyc and why NYC has so much musical talent and business! Before you move, I suggest you take a vacation before you go.

If you’re in New York for the holiday season, don’t forget to take a look at the extensive holiday marketplace! Yes my pals, cupcake culture is really a thing in New York. What visitors have to understand first and foremost about New York cuisine is the fact that it encompasses virtually every type of ethnic cuisine within the known world.

This is probably the number one reason to move to NYC. Summerstage, which features absolutely free live music through the summer season, has also played host to quite a few legendary concerts. From now and then, I like visiting the City’s museums. There’s a huge network within the city with tons and a great deal of hosts. Allow a complete day for the biggest city zoo in the usa and home to some 4000 animals. Seriously, this is probably one of my favorite things to do in the Big Apple! Free Concerts! I also found an awesome piano moving company that are local piano movers in nyc that are giving away a free piano! Not only will they give you a free piano but they’ll also move it for FREE! Again, New York City is truly one of the best reasons for musicians to launch their career. Great for family, great concerts and free stuff!

Once you’ve got brunch in NYC once, you will not ever turn back. NYC is among our favourite cities because there’s SO much to do. For a fast bite grab some street food in nyc.

On a transparent day, you will be able enough to find views from up to five surrounding states. Totally Free things to do, free events that happen in nyc every day of the year are genuinely amazing. It can acquire noisy, crowded, also a tiny chaotic at peak meal times as well as on weekends. Eliminate the initial one by ordering tickets online ahead of time, and curtail the wait by coming at the least crowded hours, initial thing each morning or late within the day.

There’s nothing better than witnessing NYC theater, also it’s this kind of integral element of life here you need to take a look. Surely, there’s so much a lot more to do within the city besides walking.

The landscape provides plenty to test and there are 21 playgrounds through the park. Teens, who can be challenging to please, usually adore this museum. Central Park is the ideal playground for kids of all ages. It is perhaps the top playground within the city.

By now you’d think we were locals, but I’m always surprised by how much there’s to do and see within this city. In a city which never sleeps, it’s no surprise you will discover limitless activities as well as attractions in NYC. The Central Park Conservancy provides quite a few inexpensive tours, but visitors are free to search the park independently. Once it’s true the city is jammed full of beautiful parks, none are quite similar to this.

Effects of Music in Treating Depression

treatingdepressionDepression is as hard to detect as it is to cure. Its usual treatment involves prescribing anti- depressants and mostly, counseling. Others take years before they can finally over come and recover from depression while others only take months.

It doesn’t really matter how long a person has been experiencing it and several studies suggest that music can actually help in treating patients with depression. Music can affect their mood and train of thoughts in one way or another.

  1. Music can help the patients to express their thoughts especially if they feel the need to conceal it from other people. For people dealing with depression, crying is actually a good sign. It only means that they are able to release their stress which will make them feel better afterwards.
  2. Listening to music also improves a person’s creativity. One of the effects of depression is feeling of emptiness and lack of inspiration or motivation. Lively music can actually trigger our brain to do lively tasks or activities that matches the beat of the song, same way when you feel more energetic when listening pop music while working out.
  3. Depression also has physical manifestations on the patients. Some of them are having trouble sleeping while others’ blood pressure gets affected by their condition. Recent studies show that listening to classical music everyday can significantly lower your blood pressure over time as it soothes you and lower your stress levels.
  4. There’s a chance that music can actually change a person’s plan of committing suicide. Music affects people mostly on the emotional aspect which basically controls most of our decision- making. If a certain song motivated a person who’s planning to commit suicide, that person will most likely ditch his plan and get on with his new- found motivation.
  5. Music can be strongly associated with our memories. If a person associated a certain song or genre to his happy thoughts, he’ll have something to get back to whenever he experiences panic attacks or feeling down for no reason (which is part of having depression).
  6. Classical and relaxing music affects our breathing. Our body actually responds to the type of music we’re listening to. If your heart is racing, you can try to listen to slow music where your heart beat and breathing can get in sync with.

It’s never easy to deal with depression and it’s one of the worst condition as it can lead to death. Some people might still be in denial that they are actually suffering from it because of the stigma that comes with it. People who suffer from depression choose to keep it to themselves as they don’t want other people around them to change on how they interact with them or worse lose them. Thanks to recent studies and campaigns nowadays, more and more people are getting aware on how to deal with it and how to help people who are suffering from it. So the next time you see your depressed friend, be his guide and give him a nice piece of music.

The Best Upcoming Music and Arts Events this Summer in Boston

It’s finally summer and it’s the perfect time to enjoy, have fun and get baked under the sun. if you’re looking for the most exciting upcoming events here in Boston, then look no further. Let’s try a challenge and attend each event this summer!

Prepare to fall in love with Ellie Goulding all over again as she serenades us on June 15, 2016, in TD Garden at 7:30 P.M. you can get your tickets here.

Dance the night away as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis bring their latest hits at Agganis Arena on June 17, 2016. The show starts at 7:30 P.M. and you can get your tickets here.

If you enjoy classical music, then you’re in luck as Concerts in the Courtyard is giving a free musical treat at the Central Library’s courtyard on Boylston Street on June 1 to August 31, 2016, every Wednesdays and Fridays.

On June 3 to 5, 2016, bring your family and friends to relax in Salem Arts Festival, a free event celebrating photography, painting, writing, poetry, theatre, cuisine, dance, and music.

Let the artist in you celebrate as another free artistic treat will be given away by Cambridge Arts River Festival that features poetry, art making, jazz music, theatre performances and many more. The event will be held on Cambridge Parkway at the Charles River on June 4, 2016, from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. Did we mention that it’s totally free?!

Another free arts and music event, Somerville Arts Festival, will be held in Davis Square on July 16- 17, 2016. The ArtBeat features live bands, more than 50 craft makers, and vendors as well as dozens of dance troupes. Prepare to feast your eyes and heart in this art- filled event this summer!

Prepare to be reborn and have stronger connection with the Divine power as GospelFest feature songs of praise at City Hall Plaza on August 7, 2016, at 5 P.M. you also don’t need to worry about anything as the event is free.

Newport Waterfront Reggae Festival will bring the summer and beach vibe into the city as they showcase reggae music on the waterfront as well as Jamaican food, crafts, and cocktails. The event will be held on August 13, 2016, at 12 noon onwards. You can chill and enjoy your way throughout this event as it’s free.

Experience a laid- back summer while listening to soothing jazz music of veteran and upcoming jazz artists as Boston Jazz Fest at South Boston Maritime Park brings you a free jazz music treat on August 27, 2016. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this one cause we’re going to be attending ourselves. The only trusted piano moving company in Boston is going to be setting all of the pianos and one of sponsors of this great event.

Check out last year’s performances.

We have a jam- packed summer and luckily, most of these events are free so we can just focus on having fun and live our summer to the fullest!

Which of these events will you be more interested to go to? Share your thoughts in the comments below!